Rethinking Stress

I looked at some pictures recently from high school days, and just wondered where did those “happy years” go?  Now we are  in our sixties and have lived through many technological, social and political changes and challenges.  The buzz word today is stress and for many young people  overstressed.  So life is stressful, but stress is not new in our lives.  Growing up I did not have any awareness of this term stress. I guess that there were stressful situations but they did not directly impact on me.

What is stress and is it a positive or negative event in our lives? Why are we so consumed by it?  Often we focus on the bad stress, but yes there is good stress or eustress that gives us a positive response.  So good events such as getting married, a promotion or finally taking that long anticipated vacation in Tahiti can trigger a positive stress response in our bodies.

Negative or bad stress does get more attention from mental health experts, and indeed people also focus more on this aspect. We can turn this negativity  around  for more favorable outcomes -e.g. failing grades in college? maybe it is time to reexamined your chosen major.  Stressed out over that elusive promotion? although it may not be easy it may be time to move on.  The wedding is over but the marriage is stressful-(pray – LOL) -careful examination to determine the source of stress.

So stress either good or bad will be a part of us like the air that we breathe.  How we cope with it will determine its impact on our daily lives.

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