Facade: Dreaming


Free Stock Photo: A Golden Retriever fetching a tennis ball

It was a small house with a high green fence surrounding it.  As I passed this house daily, I tried to imagine the lives of the family  who lived in this cute house.  For sure they had two children a boy and a girl, and there was a fluffy little brown dog.  The children were not allowed to play outside of the fence but I could sense them running around with the dog chasing them.  I could not see the windows of the home because of the high fence, but somehow I knew that they were long lace curtains at the windows, blowing gently in the breeze.  Of course, there was a flower garden with roses, marigolds, hibiscus and bees  In this house, there was always soft music, laughter, kind words and gentle voices.  People cared about and supported each other. Everyone was happy, satisfied and peaceful.  There was no hunger, despair, depression, envy, jealousy or malice.   Only peace, joy, love and respect.  This house represented an ideal for our lives.  However, in reality, it is only a facade  that hides our fear, pain, and disappointments.



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