Daily Prompt: Transformation

Last Friday began like any other day, without a hint of what was to come.  My routine of bible reading, prayer, posting a daily bible verse and playing my praise choruses on the piano went off without a hitch.  Later in the day, my brother called me, and I got an instant headache.  A young, beloved cousin had been transformed from this environment to the next.

I wondered about his transition and the fact that I had no idea that he had moved on.  Each morning I prayed for him because he had a  health challenge and was hoping for an intervention to add years to his life.  He had his plans, to meet with his friend that Sunday, and was also preparing to travel for a vacation.

The movement from this existence to another can happen suddenly, with no awareness on the part of the one who is transforming.  Why? we ask ourselves over and over, but there are no answers to our question.  We just know that someone we love and care for is no longer available to us.  We experience tears, sorrow, heartbreak, laughter and finally joy , as we think about our own transforming.

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